Other| Volume 42, ISSUE 4, Pxi, December 2015

Forthcoming Issues

        Forthcoming Issues

        March 2016

        Management and Advanced Surgery for Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
        Cheryl B. Iglesia, Editor

        June 2016

        Primary Care of Adult Women
        James N. Woodruff and Anita K. Blanchard, Editors

        September 2016

        Hysterectomy and the Alternatives
        John A. Occhino and Emanuel C. Trabuco, Editors

        Recent Issues

        September 2015

        Obstetric and Gynecologic Hospitalists and Laborists
        Brigid McCue and Jennifer A. Tessmer-Tuck, Editors

        June 2015

        Best Practices in High-Risk Pregnancy
        Lynn L. Simpson, Editor

        March 2015

        Reproductive Endocrinology
        Michelle L. Matthews, Editor
        Medical Clinics of North America, May 2015 (Vol. 99, No. 3)
        Women's Health
        Joyce E. Wipf, Editor